Transportation: Invest in Cobb infrastructure. Leverage 21st-century technology for cost-effective solutions that improve mobility.

As Cobb County grows, our transportation problems do as well, and we need a sustainable plan. While that plan is not yet decided, two governing principals should be considered – we need to take care of Cobb infrastructure first and we need to consider modern, more cost-effective solutions as part of a larger comprehensive plan. Old technology such as rail, at over $300M per mile, is not the solution. We need to invest in new technology, that can improve mobility more efficiently in many corridors. New technology can also make transit more cost-effective and give people better access to more destinations with more efficient trip times. In addition, with technology and common-sense ideas such as encouraging businesses in our county to embrace policies that include telecommuting. I look forward to putting my 30 years of technology and business experience to work for you on these issues.

Public Safety: Our public safety officers are the best trained in Georgia. We need to retain them and take care of them and their families while avoiding the higher costs of losing them to other municipalities.

Our public safety officers take care of us and we need to take care of them. Cobb County has the best police and fire training programs in Georgia, and I would say the nation. However, if we don’t pay our officers what they deserve, they may leave for better pay somewhere else in order to protect their own families. We need to keep our valued officers in Cobb. While a step and grade plan is a good start, proper retention packages for our valued men and women is what any good business would do, and Cobb County needs to do the same. We need to run our county more like a business while taking care of the people who keep our families safe.

Community: Preserve our community values and keep high-density development in check. I will work to uphold the current Land Use Plan.

We need to keep District 2 a great place to live by establishing a low density development policy around our neighborhoods. High density projects must be checked to preserve our way of life. Too many high density projects stress our roads, schools and public safety resources. I believe in upholding the current Land Use Plan.

City of East Cobb: I do not support cityhood for East Cobb. Additional layers of government is not an answer.

I don’t support an additional layer of government that has the potential for higher taxes. Important issues such as local zoning to keep high density development in check can be advocated for and approved without more bureaucracy by a Commissioner who is a champion for the people of East Cobb and District 2. Services such as public safety provided by a city will not be better than what we receive now from our men and women of the Cobb County PD and Fire Department. This is too important of an issue to not take a stand.